Bacon Brussels Sprouts

I don’t care if you never thought you liked brussels sprouts in the past – if you don’t like them after trying this recipe, then you simply didn’t add enough butter, onions and bacon!
First, I put a steamer-full of water on to boil and washed and halved my brussels sprouts. You must cut them at least in half – bigger brussels sprouts should be quartered. Steam brussels sprouts for 8-10 minutes depending on their size. While brussels sprouts are steaming, sautee 4 spring onions or shallots in 2 tbsp butter in frying pan, and add 4-6 strips diced raw bacon. Add brussels sprouts to frying pan and mix thoroughly, chopping up so that they absorb the yummy juices from the onions, bacon and butter. Cook just another few minutes or so on low.
This is one of our 3-year old’s favourite things to eat!


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