Turkey/Chicken/Pork Paleo Schnitzel

I know many of you have days just like mine, and really one of the best things to have on hand is a 15-minute dinner for four, so here it is.

whisk together in first bowl:
3 small freerange eggs
1/8 c cream

Chop 1.5cups macadamia nuts (but not-too-finely) in a second bowl

Take 4 Turkey breasts (pound them flat with a tenderizer or get them at your favorite Metzgerei and specify they will be used as schnitzel) you’ve covered with salt, pepper, and suβ Paprika according to your taste, dip first in egg mixture and then in nuts. Fry in simmering butter on medium heat approximately 5 minutes each side. Voilà.

Steam some broccoli around 5 minutes. In separate frypan sauté one minced garlic clove in butter or preferably bacon fat for 60 seconds and then add steamed broccoli – stir well and continue to cook for 3-5 minutes. Inspired by Dr. Eades’ foray with macadamia nut encrusted chicken breast in The 6-Week Cure . You can use chicken, turkey and pork for this recipe – all are fail-proof.


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