“Assert your primacy as the the fierce mother bear who is solely biologically able to feed (and wean) your baby. Eat whole foods and wean her as absolutely late as possible to real foods without grains and sugar. She won’t need braces or allergy shots. Fight The Power and don’t give in to the neolithic cult of Wheat.”
Dr. Kurt G. Harris, MD

Great Infant Recipes

  • Morning Delight Creamy Applesauce
  • Parsnip Mash
  • Sweet Chicken Mash
  • Sweet Potato Mash
  • Banana Mango Breakfast Shake
  • Banana Peach/Strawberry Breakfast Shake
  • Banana Pear Shake
  • Nuts over Turkey
  • Fennel Surprise
  • Zucchini Casserole Mash
  • Cucumber Cream

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