Weekly Endurance Week I

Here is the 1st week lets see how it works out for everyone.
Tabata: 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (8 x 20:10) with all-out efforts
Swim (SS Tue, 3S Mon): 8 x 20:10, use pool or open water, tread water during rest
Bike (SS Tue, 3S Wed): 8 x 20:10, if possible use stationary bike with wattage tool or similar that can hold load of 200+ watts
Run (SS Tue, 3S Tue): 8 x 20:10, if possible use treadmill set at 12% grade, 0-30 seconds slower than 5k pace per mile, do not reduce speed
Row (SS Tue): 8 x 20:10, if on C2 use meters or watts

Swim (SS Thu, 3S Fri): 6-10 x 100m on 2:00, hold each effort within 3-5 seconds
Bike (SS Thu, 3S Sun or T/TT): 6-8 x 2k, spin/rest 2:00, hold each effort within 3-5 seconds
Run (SS Thu, 3S Sat or T/TT): 6-8 x 600m, rest 2:00, hold each effort within 3-5 seconds
Row (SS Thu): 6-8 x 750m, rest 2:00, hold each effort within 2-3 seconds

Swim (SS Sun, 3S Off): 500m @ 85% of 500m TT pace
Bike (SS Sun, 3S Sun): 12M TT
Run (SS Sun, 3S Sat): 10k @ 85% of 10k TT pace
Row (SS Sun): 2k @ 85% of 2k TT pace

SS is Single Sport. If you want to run pick running and you choose which day Monday-Wednesday to do the first workout only 1 time those three days. Thurs-Fri workout 1 time those two days, this will be the same for all SS.
3S it is laid out so you can work all three sports and it is laid out on which day to do it. 3S generally has Thursday off.

Strength and Conditioning Recovery:
This can and should be done the day of races, after T/TT efforts, and/or after intervals as needed.
3 sets with light to medium weight of:
GHD Sit ups, 15 reps (extend knees aggressively)
GHD Hip Extensions, 15 reps
KB/DB Swings, 15 reps
Bench Press, 15 reps
Pull ups, 15 reps
Remember, this is a recovery tool and is not a timed workout.
 If not performing CFE S&C WOD, then follow up endurance with S&C Recovery.

  1. lisa hoyt says:

    good morning! was curious if you could clarify a couple of things in endurance wod? what is SS and 3S, TT, etc? Also, just to be sure, for M-W, we would do tabata, swim and bike each day? thanks, lisa

  2. Lisa please click on the Endurance WOD tab and not the drop down and almost all of those questions will be answered there is also a hyper link to Crossft Endurance. And no you would pick only one a day if you are training all 3 sports. If you are a runner it gives you between Monday and Wednesday to complete the running Endurance WOD.

    Feel free to shoot me an email at the contact info if you still have questions.

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