Weekly Endurance Week II

Long Intervals 1:2 Work:Rest of 1:2. Rest 2 times as long as it takes to perform each effort.
Swim (SS Tue, 3S Mon): 3-5 x 200m TT
Bike (SS Tue, 3S Wed): 3-5 x 2M TT
Run (SS Tue, 3S Tue): 3-5 x 1200m TT
Row (SS Tue): 3-5 x 1500m TT

“Work:Rest 30:90
Maintain highest distance possible across all sets.”
Swim (SS Thu, 3S Sat or T/TT): 6-10 x 30 seconds, rest 90 seconds
Bike (SS Thu, 3S Fri): 8-12 x 30 seconds, rest 90 seconds
Run (SS Thu, 3S Sun or T/TT): 8-12 x 30 seconds, rest 90 seconds
Row (SS Thu): 8-12 x 30 seconds, rest 90 seconds


Swim (SS Sun, 3S Sat): 600m @ 800m TT pace
Bike (SS Sun, 3S Off): 10M @ 90% of 12M TT pace
Run (SS Sun, 3S Sun): 15k TT
Row (SS Sun): 8k TT

SS is Single Sport. If you want to run pick running and you choose which day Monday-Wednesday to do the first workout only 1 time those three days. Thurs-Fri workout 1 time those two days, this will be the same for all SS.
3S it is laid out so you can work all three sports and it is laid out on which day to do it. 3S generally has Thursday off.

Strength and Conditioning Recovery:
This can and should be done the day of races, after T/TT efforts, and/or after intervals as needed.
3 sets with light to medium weight of:
GHD Sit ups, 15 reps (extend knees aggressively)
GHD Hip Extensions, 15 reps
KB/DB Swings, 15 reps
Bench Press, 15 reps
Pull ups, 15 reps
Remember, this is a recovery tool and is not a timed workout.
If not performing CFE S&C WOD, then follow up endurance with S&C Recovery.


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