Endurance WODs

So you are a runner and you want to Crossfit also or you are a Crossfitter and want some running added into your programming. Well here it is Crossfit Endurance now has its own section. Check out Crossfit Endurance website for ways to be a more efficient athlete, from this page just click on your sport of choice. There are some basic rules to follow and other than that it is an easy program to follow.

Rule #1 Crossfit Endurance. Crossfit is first for a reason to get the most out of the program you must do Crossfit 3-4 times a week

Rules #2 There must be a 3+ hour break in between Crossfit and running this is so you can pour your total effort into each one. You can run and then Crossfit or Crossfit and then run it is up to you.

Rule #3 Listen to your body if you need a day off of one but not the other that is fine. IF you need a day off from both fine just keep in mind for running there are 3 workouts a week and you need to do Crossfit 3-4 times a week plan accordingly.

Rule #4 Time trials and Tempo days are done on Crossfit days off.

Rule #5 Expect a drop off initially when you start the programming due to a few factors. One of the biggest reasons is now you are running and doing a good portion of total body strength and conditioning programming, this new volume of training will cause a dip initially. If you do not do Crossfit you can still follow this programming but you will not see the full benefits of the program. If you are not used to going all out on runs over 400M this will be a change for you. Unless stated in the work out all of these workouts are supposed to be done not at a jog or kind of run but a RUN push yourself. Like all workouts you get in what you put out.

The Endurance WOD will be posted as 3 different WODs throughout the week. Short Intervals (SI), Long interval (LI), Tempo/Time Trials (T/TT).

SS – Single Sport
You run, you swim, you bike or you row. Simple. You might be doing it to train for a 5k – marathon or to be faster in CF wods

3S – Multisport – You like to do more than one sport
Includes duathletes (run/bike/run), triathletes (swim/bike/run), and those who like to ride (crits) and run (5Ks). These are just a few examples. You are training from short course (sprint) to long course (Ironman) events.
If you want to row/C2 add 25 meters to every 100m on the run

“Kaitlin’s Percentage Converter for Tempo Efforts
P + (P x (1 – E)) = G
P = fastest time for the distance. Convert to seconds.
E = Desired effort level in decimal form (90% = .90)
G = Goal time in seconds

Example: 90% of 10k TT Pace

So, if my fastest 10K is 48 minutes and my desired effort is 90% then my goal time should be:

2,880 + (2,880 x .10) = G
3,168 seconds= 52.8 minute 10K

“If you want to display the times in minutes and seconds rather than decimals.
First, format the cell to mm:ss you can do this by going to format cell select
the custom menu and select the mm:ss option. Then divide the goal formula by 86400. The goal formula would look like this
G=((P+(PX(1-E)))/86400The end results will be the 10K time will display as 52:48 rather than

This section will be updated from time to time with important information but I want to get it up and going. Please take a moment to go read from Crossfit Endurance FAQ and look at all 4 tabs this will answer 95% of the questions you have. If there are more questions feel free to post them.

All this information was gathered from the Crossfit Endurance Course and or Crossfit Endurance.


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