If you have any questions about Landstuhl CrossFit and Combatives Facility, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Via Email:

in Germany: 0151 4678 4256
from America, the German country code is 049, then dial 151 4678 4256

  1. Donatello Bryant says:

    I am trying to join landstuhl a crossfit program

  2. scubielouie says:


    Your email doesn’t work.
    Please contact us with another email so we can properly contact you and get you a rate quote for shipment. Kenton

  3. Christine Evans says:

    I inquired a week or 2 ago about joining LRMC crossfit and was informed there was a wait. I spoke to a few people in my work section, OR, and was told some of people joined right away recently. I was just wondering if my name was on the list for opening fundamental classes and when I could start. I am an active duty Army officer new to the area and am excited to start.

    • thomas says:

      Christine, The email at the top of this thread is far more effective for reaching Kevin. We look forward to seeing you. If you have a lvl 1 certification you could get away with not taking the intro class.

  4. Simon says:

    I am AF and I am here TDY I do Crossfit at my unit in the states. Do you all have a drop in program?

    • Thomas says:

      Most of the coaches dont mind if you have experience and can show that you are safe with the movements. Check with the coach in the class that you attend. Classes are Mon-Fri 0500 and 1700 (1630ish)

  5. David martinez says:

    I am requesting info for landstuhl Crossfit classes and what I need to start.

  6. Robert Calvo says:

    I just PCSd here to Kapaun and looking to join your Crossfit gym.  I have 2 years experience of Crossfit from other places I lived and was stationed including California, Mississippi and Kansas.  Please let me know when and how I could start.  Thank you!

  7. Jenaro says:

    Do you offer and combatives classes or training?

  8. Isaac says:

    Are you still open?

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