LCCF is open Monday through Friday from 0500-0600 and 1630-1800, and is closed weekends, holidays, and DONSAs unless otherwise noted on this website. (“DONSA” is Army lingo for Day Of No Scheduled Activity)

Above all else, we regard your SAFETY as paramount – yours as well as the safety of those around you. Please do not hesitate to ask one of the certified trainers if you feel uncertain with your form or the execution of any exercise! Additionally, should one of the certified trainers witness or be alerted to unsafe practice by any participant, we reserve the right to demand that participant’s immediate vacation of this facility, and possibly (depending on the gravity of their affront), permanent expulsion.

The Landstuhl CrossFit and Combatives Facility is not endorsed by the Department of Defense and is not affiliated with the United States Army. However, our gym is physically located in a military building. As a condition of using this military space and having the support of the local commander, we are only able to permit military personnel to use the LCCF.

  1. Molly Pearl says:

    Dependents are not allowed? Is there no way we can work to have one time slot?

  2. Hi Molly – I am sorry, but dependents are not allowed at LCCF at this time; even just one time. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  3. Thomas Hoover says:

    Can you just pop in a do a WOD or are there just classes.

  4. Rashawd says:

    I’ve just returned from a deployment and would like to know what I would have to do to return to the box since I started off there.

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