Foundations Classes

All members of LCCF must attend the foundations class before attending the regular classes. The class will introduce the nine foundational movements associated with Crossfit as well as several other movements we commonly use. During these classes, you will learn body awareness so that you can execute the movements safely and effectively. We will demonstrate mobility and warm up techniques to help improve flexibility and recovery. These classes are also an opportunity to get you versed in the CrossFit vernacular. If you don’t know what WOD, AMRAP, thruster, burpee, squat cleans, box jump, and kipping are, you will once you are done. Once you have completed the foundations class, you will then be able to attend any of the other class times.

In order to ensure everyone receives quality coaching and access to equipment, the newcomer classes will run as a single training event on one Saturday a month. Attendance will be capped at 20 people. We are trying to set it for the first Saturday of the month but this may vary. There will be a $20 fee associated with the class. This money goes towards our equipment as most if over 3 years old and is starting to need replacement. If you are US military personnel and interested in attending a newcomers course, please contact us to sign up for the next available session. Class will be held in BLDG 3714 on Landstuhl, you must have an ID to attend class. It will start at 0900 and run until 1430-1500.

You must sign up by email and wait for a response to find out the next open class.

The Landstuhl CrossFit and Combatives Facility is not endorsed by the Department of Defense and is not affiliated with the United States Army. However, our gym is physically located in a military building. As a condition of using this military space and having the support of the local commander, we are only able to permit military personnel to use the LCCF.

  1. Please do not sign up under this tab. Send an email to and request to be placed on the wait list.

  2. Kim Bannister says:

    I was on the list for the foundation classes and I was unable to make the last session. When is the next session for the foundation classes?

    • 03 May 14, please email the same contact address you sent an email to since the list is generated from there and all email traffic is easier to track through there.

  3. Arionea Adams says:

    Hello, I would like to sign up for the next foundation class. Please tell me what you require. All help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

  4. ona says:

    When is the next foundations class and is there availability still please?

  5. Matt Gordon says:

    I am interested in signing up for the foundation class, as I would to get started doing crossfit. Thanks, and I hope to hear back soon.


  6. SGT Erik Johnson says:

    Dear LCCF team member,

    I would like to sign up for and attend the next new member orientation course. Can someone please contact me back to confirm that my registration has been received?

    Thank you!

  7. Alex Morrison says:


    I’m British Military moving to Ramstein as my Duty Station from Sep 15 – is LCCF open to foreign military?


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