05 Sep 14

Posted: September 4, 2014 by House of Bross in Workout

Warm up
10 ea leg Box step up
6 Burpee tuck jumps

15 KB swings
15 KB goblet squats

800m jog

2×5 @ 57.5%
1×4 @ 67.5%
5×3 @ 77.5%
4×2 @ 85%
3×1 @ 92.5%

3 mins of work per round.
4 rounds with 2 minutes of rest in between
You will start each round with a 100m sprint, then as many rounds as possible of:
15 KB swings 53/35
10 burpee box overs

Start each round where you left off in the last round after the 100M sprint. For instance, if you get 2 rounds plus 7 KB swings in the first round, complete the sprint for round 2 and then start the KB swings at rep 8. Your score is total rounds completed for the entire workout.


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